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      Weber Carburetor


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    Weber carburetors have gotten somewhat expensive in the last few years and simply buying a new Weber when one wears out is no longer an economical thing to do. We can rebuild your Weber for you for a moderate price to "like new" condition. If the carburetor needs rejetting for a particular application we can do that for you at the same time with no additional charge other than the cost of the jets. The cost of rebuilding one is a flat labor fee plus whatever parts are needed. All rebuilds will require a rebuild kit. Any jets, bushings, etc. that are needed beyond that will be extra.

TYPE OF WEBER CARB                                                LABOR COST                                  REBUILD KIT COST


All 2-barrel Weber carbs (DGV, DCOE, DGAS, DMTR, etc.)        $120.00 per carb (plus parts)                    $65.00 (jets not included)

All 3-barrel Weber carbs                                                                 $160.00 per carb (plus parts)                     $95.00 (jets not included)

    If you want the carb rejetted, please let us know if it is for a different application than the car it came off of. If the carb was performing poorly with the old jetting but is going back on the same car, please let us know the symptoms (too rich, too lean, poor low end performance, backfiring, etc.). This will let us know what we need to change.

    Send your Webers to PAECO, 2400 Mountain Drive, Birmingham, AL 35226. Put a note inside giving your name, address, and a daytime phone number. We will dismantle the carbs, see what needs to be replaced, and give you a call letting you know what the cost will be. You can then pay over the phone with a bank card.

SHIPPING & HANDLING:  SURFACE ----- $18.00        2-DAY AIR ----- $38.00    NEXT DAY AIR ----- $58.00

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