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    The cheapest and easiest way to convert over to Weber carbs is to buy a complete kit. These are listed on other pages on this website. However, if you just want to buy a Weber carburetor by itself you can do that also. Unless you are just replacing a Weber carb with a new one, you will need an intake manifold or adapter, since the Weber's bolt pattern is usually different from the stock carb's bolt pattern. In that case you should buy a kit if one is available for your car. The listing below shows the most common types of Weber carbs. If you need a type that is not listed please call us.


CARB MODEL #                   TYPE                   PRICE                   CHOKE TYPE               APPLICATION
32/36 DGV           DOWNDRAFT     $360                MANUAL CHOKE                         STREET      
32/36 DGAV      DOWNDRAFT    $400             HOT WATER CHOKE                         STREET  
32/36 DGEV         DOWNDRAFT     $400               ELECTRIC CHOKE                               STREET
32/36 DFEV          DOWNDRAFT     $400              ELECTRIC CHOKE                            STREET
32/32 DGV            DOWNDRAFT     $380              MANUAL CHOKE                           STREET
32/32 DGAV         DOWNDRAFT     $360                 HOT WATER CHOKE                     STREET
32/32 DGEV         DOWNDRAFT     $380                 ELECTRIC CHOKE                               STREET
38 DGAS             DOWNDRAFT     $485               MANUAL CHOKE                     STREET/RACE
40 DCOE            SIDEDRAFT         $480                  MANUAL CHOKE                 STREET/RACE
45 DCOE           SIDEDRAFT         $510                 MANUAL CHOKE                       STREET/RACE
48 DCO              SIDEDRAFT         $780                   MANUAL CHOKE                            RACE 
50 DCO             SIDEDRAFT         $850                   MANUAL CHOKE                            RACE
55 DCO             SIDEDRAFT         $950                   MANUAL CHOKE                          RACE 
32 DMTR         DOWNDRAFT     $415                    MANUAL CHOKE                  STREET/RACE
34 DMTR           DOWNDRAFT     $435               MANUAL CHOKE                   STREET/RACE
34 DMSA           DOWNDRAFT     $435               MANUAL CHOKE                  STREET/RACE
40 DCNF           DOWNDRAFT   $435                                MANUAL CHOKE                    STREET
34 ADF             DOWNDRAFT      $485               HOT WATER CHOKE                         STREET
40 IDA             DOWNDRAFT      $480                                  MANUAL CHOKE                          STREET
40 IDF               DOWNDRAFT      $515                                 MANUAL CHOKE                      STREET
44 IDF                DOWNDRAFT      $540                                   MANUAL CHOKE                  STREET/RACE

SHIPPING & HANDLING: By Surface --- $28.00        By Air --- $48.00

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