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*** Weber Carburetor Conversions ***

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    Weber carburetors are the ultimate induction system for street or track, surpassing all other forms of carburetors or fuel injection. These precision built units have earned their sterling reputation with victories at racetracks all over the world. They can be jetted for either street or racing applications, and conversion kits are available for most makes of cars.

The downdraft two-barrel progressive DGV Weber is primarily for street use (although they are used for class racing purposes). They are very easy to install and tune. Most car owners are able to bolt a DGV on and have the car running in a couple of hours.

The side-draft two-barrel DCOE Weber is primarily a racing carburetor, even though they are widely used on the street, and came as standard equipment on many makes of high performance cars (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati). Installation usually is more complex than for the DGV and some tuning is usually required to get them absolutely right for any given application. The performance that they give is tremendous, and DCOE jets are available in a very wide range of sizes, allowing the carburetors to be jetted for either mild street or all-out racing applications. They are the ultimate in a high performance induction system.

Prices on Weber conversion kits start at $380. For specific car model applications please go to the "Weber Carburetor Kits" page.

                                    Weber Jets and Parts                               

    We carry a complete line of jets and parts for Weber carbs, and can usually furnish you with whatever you need from our stock, even for very old Webers. Please call for whatever you need in the way of Weber hardware.

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