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Competition Valves

    For high performance engines, high quality valves are essential for optimum gas flow and reliability. Our competition valves are made of stainless steel, and are lightened, polished, and matched in sets, for ease of cc'ing combustion chambers. These are used in our stage 2, 3, 4, and SRE engines.

    We can also make oversize competition valves  to whatever head diameter you want. Please call if you want oversize valves so that we can make sure of exactly what you want. Oversized stainless steel valves are used in our stage 4 engines.

Replacement Valves

    For stock or only slightly modified engines that do not require competition valves, we offer a very good grade of replacement valve. They will usually be of better quality than the valves that came in the car originally. We use these in our stage one engines.

Bronze Valve Guides

    To provide maximum protection for any valves, we suggest the use of bronze valve guides. They retain oil and provide additional lubrication to the valve stems when temperatures rise with high RPM. With the disappearance of leaded gasoline from the gas pumps, bronze valve guides are a must to protect your expensive valves. These are the best valve guides available anywhere, and are used in all of the engines that we build!

Valve Guide Drifts

    It's often difficult to install valve guides without damaging them. As a solution to this problem, we offer valve guide drifts made to precisely fit the valve guide for that particular make of car. With these drifts, guides can be tapped into place without mushrooming the tops and ruining them. Order steel drifts for removing steel guides and aluminum drifts for installing the bronze guides.

 Valve Stem Seals

    New valve stem seals should be installed whenever a valve job is done. Worn seals will cause a leak of oil into the ports and will result in sludge buildup on the valves plus excessive oil consumption. We strongly recommend the use of new valve stem seals, and install them on all of our PAECO engines even if the engine being built did not have seals originally. Two types of stem seals are available. Check your engine for the type that your engine uses, or ask us if you are not sure.

  1. The cup type seal fits on top of the valve guide

  2. The o-ring seal rides up and down with the valve.

Stainless Steel Valve Seats

    Older cars which were designed to run on leaded gasoline have soft valve seats. These should be replaced with hard stainless seats to prevent seat failure. Our stainless seats are top quality and should last for the life of the car.



BRONZE VALVE GUIDES ---------- $12.00 EACH                                            STEEL VALVE GUIDE DRIFTS ---$26.00 EACH

ALUM VALVE GUIDE DRIFTS --- $26.00 EACH                                           STAINLESS STEEL SEATS --------- $22.00 EACH

O-RING VALVE STEM SEALS ----- $3.00 EACH                                           CUP TYPE VALVE STEM SEALS - $4.00 EACH

                                                                        ALL VALVES - CLICK ON VALVE PRICES



BY SURFACE -----------------------$ 12.00            BY 2-DAY AIR---------------------- 24.00            NEXT DAY AIR -------------------- 48.00


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