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                               The Problem:

    Any high performance engine, with its higher revs and greater valve lift, puts stress on the valve train that the stock parts just can't cope with. We have found four distinct categories of problems in this area:

    1. Stronger valve springs are necessary to prevent valve float at high revs; yet too much pressure will cause wear.

    2. The stronger springs more than double the bending force on the pushrods at revs, causing them to flex and change the valve timing, which reduces HP.

    3. The weight of the valve train components becomes a factor at high RPM as each piece must be accelerated up or down, brought to a stop, and then accelerated in the opposite direction. The energy required for this not only robs power output, but also causes a strain on the components.

    4. Increased spring pressure and RPM exceed the capabilities of old valve tappets (lifters) so that they begin to gall or pit and this in turn ruins the cam lobes.

                                The Solution:

    As a solution to these problems, we offer our own PAECO valve train. This consists of:

1. High RPM valve springs        2. Aluminum or titanium retainers        3. Aluminum or titanium pushrods        4. Valve lifters (or rocker arms)

    For even mild street engines, we recommend that the high RPM springs and the valve lifters be installed when a high lift cam is installed. For racing engines, we strongly recommend the complete valve train. Please note that the warranty on PAECO camshafts is not valid unless the PAECO springs, retainers and (for pushrod engines) valve lifters are purchased and installed with the cam.

                        Hi-RPM Valve Springs

    Wound from highest quality steel, heat treated, and glasspeened, these springs are designed to minimize wear and eliminate valve float. Most sets consist of dual springs (Inner & outer). Unlike some racing springs, these don't have to be replaced each season because of fatigue. They are designed to last for a long, long time.

            Aluminum or Titanium Retainers?

    Aluminum retainers are made from 2024-T3 alloy, and are much lighter than the stock steel retainers. The reduction in reciprocating valve train weight allows higher RPM without valve float. Titanium retainers are both lighter and stronger than their steel counterparts and are ideal for high RPM racing engines. They are virtually unbreakable and are recommended for racing and Hi-RPM street use. For street use or below 6000 RPM we recommend aluminum retainers. For racing or above 6000 RPM we recommend titanium retainers.

                            Valve Lifters

    These lifters are hardened and glasspeened to give maximum strength. For most engines, they also have grooved oil reservoirs to provide better lubrication to the camshaft lobes. For old classic cars, we can also regrind and heat-treat old lifters when new ones can't be found, or we can often make new ones. For prices on lifters, consult the camshaft section for your make of car.

            Aluminum or Titanium Pushrods

    Aluminum pushrods, made from 2024-T3 alloy, are slightly lighter than the stock pushrods, and are approximately four times stronger than the stock ones. Because of this, they don't flex at high RPM as the stock pushrods do. To prevent undue wear at the ends, the tips are made of hard, durable bronze that are designed to "bed in" to the lifter and rocker ball for best possible fit. These are the best aluminum pushrods available anywhere in the world. These can be made up for you in non-standard lengths for an extra $6.00 per pushrod. Titanium pushrods are for racing engines and are extremely strong, plus being lighter than the aluminum pushrods. They are made to order, and there is no extra charge for special lengths.

                    Valve train prices:

Aluminum retainers ----- $8.00 each Titanium retainers ----- $25.00 each        ($35 dished) Bronze valve guides --- $12.00 each
Alum retainers with dish for shims  ----- $12.00 each Titanium retainers with dish for shims ----- $350 each Valve spring shims ----- $1.00 each
Inner valve springs ------------- $4.00 each Outer valve springs ------------ $8.00 each  
Aluminum pushrods --------- $12.00 each Titanium pushrods ----------- $35.00 each  
O-ring type valve stem seals ----- $3.00 each Cup type valve stem seals ----- $4.00 each  



BY SURFACE ---------------- $12.00            BY 2-DAY AIR ------------------- $24.00             BY NEXT DAY AIR --------- $48.00


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