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    An efficient high performance engine is only as good as the care and skill that go into it. We feel that this is the key to the success of our PAECO engines. Each part is individually inspected before it is installed, and careful checks are made repeatedly during the construction of the engine to insure that proper clearances are maintained throughout. Any parts that do not meet specs are discarded and replaced.

    As an example, most shops will hurriedly assemble and engine in one or two days during an overhaul. During the assembly of our PAECO engines, over 120 dimensions and tolerances are measured and compared against our engine checklist (from which the "120-point engine" name is derived). We allow three weeks for this procedure, in addition to the machine work and assembly time.


    First, we start with premium components that we know to be reliable and that will be compatible with each other. Each part is inspected for any possible flaws and is rejected if it is not up to PAECO engine standards. Any machine work that is required on these parts is then performed.

    Second, the core components that are to be used (block, crank, rods, and head) are thoroughly cleaned and checked for flaws, using a dye-penetrant test. Any defect will cause a piece to be discarded. The remaining good core pieces are completely reworked and machined to better-than-new tolerances.

    Third, engine blueprinting is carried out by putting each sub-assembly together, measuring the clearances, and then sending the pieces back to our machine shop for final machining to achieve the exact tolerances that we want. The finished pieces are then balanced to allow a smooth-running, high revving engine.

    Last, the 120-point engine is carefully assembled, with special attention to detail and cleanliness. Final checks are made to see that the engine sub-assemblies mesh properly. The result is one of the world's finest engines, that will both perform well and be reliable. The time and cost are greater than for a normal engine, but the results are well worth it for those who appreciate fine machinery!


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    The High Performance engine business normally goes into it's own private recession every Fall and Winter. To counter this, we are offering our PAECO engines and engine kits (but NOT short blocks, heads, and just parts) at a 10% discount off the normal catalog price. In addition, all extra parts and accessories ordered at the same time as the engine will also receive the same 10% discount.

    In order to receive this discount, your engine order and deposit must be received between Sept 1st and December 31st. Extra parts and accessories must be included on the same order to receive the discount. Items ordered later will not receive the discount.

    As an added bonus, if you pay the full amount when you place your order (not just a deposit), you may also deduct an extra 5% Full Payment Discount for a total of 15%.

    To receive the discount, simply write Off-Season Discount" across your Engine Order Blank and deduct the discount from your final total at the bottom of the page. On telephone orders, simply tell the person taking your order that you want to take advantage of the Off-season Discount. A savings of this size could pay for a very nice Christmas at your house. Maybe even all of it!

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