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Toyota Pushrod Engines (2-KC, 3-KC, 4-KC, 2-TC, 3-TC)

TO-6000: This mild grind is for street use, and provides good acceleration. Best power range is 2800-6000, and peak is 7000 RPM.            INTAKE: 29/61     EXHAUST: 65/25     DURATION: 270     LIFT: .435"

    Necessary mods: PAECO valve springs and retainers (a racing ignition, Weber carb, an exhaust header, Prima-power exhaust, and an aluminum flywheel will add even more power but are optional).

TO-6600: This grind is for slaloms and heavy street use. It gives very strong acceleration in the 3000-6600 RPM range, and will rev to 7500 in a well prepared engine.     INTAKE: 37/68     EXHAUST: 73/32     DURATION: 285     LIFT: .450"

    Necessary mods: 10-11:1 compression, full PAECO valve train, exhaust header, racing ignition, Weber carb (a modified cylinder head, aluminum flywheel, and a Prima-power exhaust will provide even more performance).

TO-7000: For racing only, this cam provides tremendous acceleration in the 3500-7000 RPM range, and will rev to 8000, giving a nice boost in top speed. It is excellent for road racing events.  INTAKE: 45/77     EXHAUST: 81/41     DURATION: 302     LIFT: .470"

    Necessary mods: 11-12:1 compression, full PAECO valve train, exhaust header, racing ignition, modified cylinder head, increased carburetion (high ratio rear axle and aluminum flywheel are optional).

TO-8500: For all-out racing engines only, this cam delivers fantastic power in the 4200-8500 RPM range, and will rev to 9000, giving a big boost in top speed and acceleration.  INTAKE: 48/80     EXHAUST: 82/46     DURATION: 308     LIFT:.502"

    Necessary mods: 12-13:1 compression, fully modified head, full PAECO valve train, increased carburetion, racing ignition, high ratio rear axle, aluminum flywheel.


All cam grinds: $260 exchange ----- (add $120 if no exchange)

Inner valve springs: $4.00 each    Outer valve springs: $8.00 each    Aluminum retainers: $8.00 each     Titanium retainers: $25.00 each

Aluminum pushrods: $18.00 each     Titanium pushrods: $35.00 each    Valve lifters: $22.00 ea

NOTE: PAECO valve springs and retainers must be used together.


Toyota MR-2

TOY2-7000: This street cam is designed to provide more acceleration than the stock cam without being temperamental. The best power range is 2500-7000 RPM, and it will rev to 7800.  INTAKE: 34/74     EXHAUST: 78/30     DURATION: 288     LIFT: 360"

    Necessary mods: PAECO valve springs. Optional: exhaust header, modified cylinder head, and aluminum flywheel.

TOY2-7800: For slaloms and wild street use, these cams provide tremendous acceleration and a very healthy boost in top end. The best power range is 3500-7800 RPM and they will rev to 8600.     INTAKE: 44/76     EXHAUST: 80/40     DURATION: 300     LIFT: .370"

    Necessary mods: 10-11:1 compression, PAECO valve train, Prima-power exhaust, modified cylinder head. An aluminum flywheel is optional for greater acceleration.

TOY2-8600: For racing only, these cams require high revs and a very well prepared engine. They provide fantastic acceleration in the 4500-9000 RPM range, and will rev to 10,000 in a properly prepared engine. These are intended primarily for SCCA and drag racing.                 INTAKE: 52/84     EXHAUST: 88/48     DURATION: 316     LIFT .415"

    Necessary mods: 12-14:1 compression, PAECO valve train, exhaust headers, fully modified cylinder head, high ratio rear axle, and aluminum flywheel.


All cam grinds: $210/cam on customer's core (Add $150/cam if no exchange)

Inner valve springs: $4.00 ea     Outer valve springs: $8.00 each     Aluminum retainers: $12.00 each    Titanium retainers: $25 each

Valve lifters: $22.00 ea                Heat-treated valve adjusting shims: $15.00 ea:   

 NOTE #1:. Valve adjusting shims will be needed to set the valve lash. You must first install the cams in your cylinder head to determine the thickness of the shims that you will need. Then call us and we can make up the shims for you. We are not limited to the factory shim range and can make them in any thickness.

NOTE #2: PAECO springs and retainers must be used together.

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