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                          ORDERING PISTONS

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    Our high performance pistons are made from premium aluminum and are designed for great strength and light weight. This allows higher revs and more power than can be obtained with stock or replacement grade pistons. The pistons can be used with stock connecting rods and wristpins (if you feel they are strong enough), but require the Deves racing piston rings. The Deves rings are listed separately on the piston ring web page. You can also choose between chrome-moly and titanium wristpins, and specify teflon pin buttons instead of pin circlips. These are listed below.

                                                        Special Applications

    For turbocharged or supercharged engines, or for nitrous applications, we recommend low compression pistons with special reinforced tops that are designed to withstand the extreme pressure and heat that is produced. Spherical domed pistons for British cars will give the greatest power output in those engines, but they require machining of the combustion chambers to accommodate them. Other piston configurations do not require any machine work other than pin fitting.

    Pistons can be furnished in any bore size, stroke, or compression ratio that you want. They come in standard size and increments of 0.010" (0.25mm) above standard. When ordering, please specify the desired bore size like this: stn'd, +0.010, +0.020", +0.040", etc. The most common overbore size for most of the engines listed is +0.040", but we can make pistons up in any size. Delivery time on special orders is 4 to 6 weeks so allow enough time for them when ordering. ALL PISTONS MUST BE PIN-FITTED before they can be installed on the rods. We can do this before shipping them if you wish.

                                            Pistons Can Be Made For Any Car

    If we do not have a pattern for a particular piston, then you will have to furnish us with the following:  We can then make up a set in any compression ratio, bore, or stroke that you want. We must have:

1.. An old stock piston 2. A mold of the combustion chamber 3. The volume of the combustion chamber in cc's

    If you don't want to take the time and hassle to make a mold and measure the chamber volume then just send the cylinder head to us along with the piston and we will take care of this at no extra charge.


Add $10.00/piston for any overbore size. Add $10.00/piston for any non-standard stroke
Add $10.00/piston for any non-stock compression ratio. Add $20.00/piston for pinfitting (Send us the pins or have us furnish them)
Add $10.00/button for teflon buttons. Add $15.00/piston for reinforced tops for turbo or nitrous use.
Add $40.00/pin for chrome-moly wrist pins, or add $150.00 per pin for titanium wristpins if we are to furnish the pins.



                                                Wristpins & Teflon Buttons

    We can furnish chrome-moly or titanium wristpins for any pistons. For oversize pistons you will need longer pins due to the larger piston diameter. We also can make teflon buttons to go on the ends of the pins to protect the cylinder walls.

CHROME-MOLY WRISTPINS ------- $40.00 EA. Slightly lighter than stock but much stronger than stock
TITANIUM WRISTPINS ------------- $150.00 EA. Approx 1/2 the weight of a stock pin and twice the strength
PIN FITTING --------------------------- $20.00 EA. This must be done whether you are using new or old wristpins.
TEFLON BUTTONS ------------------- $10.00 EA. Insurance against a pin circlip coming loose (makes a real mess)

                                                           Break a Piston?

    It does happen, but at least you won't have to buy a whole set just because one of them is broken. For any of our regularly stocked pistons, we will be glad to sell you just one piston. There is an extra surcharge for buying less than one whole set, and the price is computed as follows:

1. Divide the whole set price by the number of pistons in the set to get the base "per piston" price.

2. If the piston is an oversize or a special stroke or compression ratio, then add $10.00 for each of those that apply to get an adjusted price.

3. Multiply the number of pistons needed by the adjusted "per piston" price.

4. Then add a $150.00 set-up charge.

5. This gives the final price for the piston(s).



    SURFACE -------------- $18.00        AIR ---------------------- $38.00        NEXT DAY AIR ------ $68.00 ===========================================================================================================