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                                                                Piston Work:

     Pistons will last much longer if they are given some "tender loving care" at the machine shop before being installed. The following operations constitute our PAECO "Piston T.L.C.".

     1. GLASSPEENING simply stress relieves a piston so that it doesn't tend to crack. $10.00 PER PISTON

     2. HEAT-SHIELDING provides protection against excessive heat which can melt holes in the tops of pistons in high compression engines. The weight & thickness of the ceramic coating is negligible, but it adds substantially to the heat that a piston can withstand! All pistons (even new ones) must be glasspeened to remove the last traces of carbon and oil before the heat shield coating is applied. You will be charged extra for the glasspeening. $20.00 PER PISTON

    3. KNURLING the piston skirts creates many small "pockets" for oil to hide in. This gives better skirt oiling. $10.00 PER PISTON

    4. DRILLING PIN BOSSES provides the extra lubrication that wristpins (especially titanium pins) need in high RPM engines. We drill the bosses so that the wristpins are pressure fed oil from the oil ring groove. $20.00 PER PISTON

    5. PIN-FITTING involves honing out the wristpin bores in the pistons to achieve the correct pin-to-piston fit. $20.00 PER PISTON

    6. BALANCING involves machining weight from the heaviest pistons to match the weight of the lightest piston in the set so that the stress is distributed equally on the crankshaft. $10.00 PER PISTON

Piston Package Deal  - All of the above - $60.00 (Save $20.00 /piston)


                                 Connecting Rod Work:

     Our rod modifications are designed to give you more power and/or reliability from your engine. We particularly recommend that all rods be magnafluxed, recut, rebalanced and glasspeened at overhaul time, for any make of car. Other operations may or may not be needed, depending on the condition of the rod and the use to be made of the car. For all engines at overhaul time:


Con Rod Package Deal:
     1. Rods magnafluxed to check for cracks -------------- $15.00 ea (Must be glasspeened first) 
     2. Rods glasspeened to stress-relieve ------------------- $8.00 ea
     3. Rods balanced --------------------------------------------- $10.00 ea
     4. Rods recut for roundness (a "must") ---------------- $20.00 ea
            Rod Package Deal - all of above - $37.00 (Save $14.00/rod)
Special Rod Operations: (not included in above package)
    Rods lightened ------------------------------------------ $50.00 ea (Must include cap and rod bolts/nuts)
    Rods cut for extra side clearance ------------------ $10.00 ea
    Rods honed to float pins ----------------------------- $10.00 ea (Must have pins also)
    Rod small end bushing installed & honed ------- $25.00 ea plus the cost of the bushing. (usually $10.00 each)

             Rods are available for outright purchase for most cars. Write or call for a price.

  Shipping & Handling charges on Pistons or Rods (any quantity):
        $15.00 for Surface shipment         $38.00 for Air shipment.         $58.00 for Next Day Air

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