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                                Piston Wristpins and Teflon Buttons

    Performance engines put a lot of strain on wristpins and pin circlips. A failure of one pin or one circlip can destroy a whole engine. Her are a few items that will prevent these disasters:

Chrome-moly wristpins: These pins are made from chrome-moly steel and are much stronger than the stock wristpins. They don't save much weight but their added strength can go a long way toward saving your engine.

            Chrome-Moly wristpins --------------- $40 each

Titanium wristpins: These are the ultimate in wristpins, They  weigh approx half of what a stock pin weighs but have twice the strength. The HP increase at high RPM is amazing due to the reciprocating weight savings. These pins are made from grade 5 aircraft titanium and are plated with titanium nitride, giving them a gold appearance.

            Titanium wristpins ---------------------- $150 each

Teflon Buttons: If a standard wire circlip comes out of a piston groove it ends up being caught between the piston and cylinder wall. The resulting damage is horrendous, usually taking out the block, piston, and cylinder head. Teflon buttons do not rely on being retained in a groove, as they simply float in the pin bore between the end of the pin and the cylinder wall. Since teflon is self-lubricating they last for quite along time - usually longer than the rest of the engine. These are cheap insurance for your performance engine.

            Teflon buttons --------------------------- $10 each

NOTE: If you order pins or buttons as part of a piston order, we will of course have all of the info that we need to furnish them. If you are ordering them without pistons then we will need to know the length, I.D. and O.D. of the pin. Please have this info handy when you place your order.