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        TO TRADE STUFF IN CALL (205) 823-7278 OR EMAIL     

                            Swap old parts for new go-goodies!

    Do you have some old parts lying around, gathering dust? Would you like to convert them into something more useful? Then take advantage of our Parts Trade-In program. You can get store credit for those old parts that you can apply toward any of the parts and services that we offer. We accept camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads, connecting rods, and complete engines. We do NOT accept any types of parts other than engine parts and we don't pay cash in the trade-in program, so please don't ask.

    Before sending any old parts in, you must get an authorization from us. Please write or email and tell us what you have. Be sure to include your name, address, and a daytime phone number so that we can reach you. We will mail or email you an answer, either authorizing you to send the parts, or else letting you know that we can't use them at the present time, and will put your request on file for use at a later date. When you receive an authorization, you will have 30 days to send the parts to us with freight prepaid. We will inspect them, and then mail you a credit, which can be used for parts or services at any time. Please note that we do NOT buy old parts for cash.

                                                        TRADE-IN CREDIT SCHEDULE:


NOTES: All heads must be complete. SOHC & DOHC heads must include camshafts & camshaft caps

Pushrod cylinder heads



4-cyl OHC cylinder heads


6-cyl OHC cylinder heads



V-6 cylinder heads (per pair)


V-12 cylinder heads (per pair)







Crankshaft good at stn'd



 Crankshaft must be turned


Crank with one or more bad journals





CAMSHAFTS (Price/each):

NOTE: Camshafts sent in must have good lobes and journals




Subaru Impreza, Legacy cams


Triumph 6-cyl cams



Acura cams


Toyota Supra 7-MGE cams



Honda 16-valve cams


Austin-Healey 100-4, 3000 cams



Mitsubishi DOHC cams


All other cams

$50.00 each




CONNECTING RODS (All makes) -- $20.00 ea.

ENGINES (Without accessories): We allow 1/2 the core charge listed in the Engine Section of this catalog for engines. Engines don't have to be perfect, but do have to be re-buildable, and any faults must be correctable by machine work (no cracked heads, holed blocks, pretzeled cranks, etc.). If we receive your engine and it turns out to be damaged, the amount of your credit will be docked for the damaged component(s). We do not need the manifolds, carbs, or electrical components from the engine. You may keep these if you wish. We do want everything else, including the flywheel, front pulley and nut, oil pan, valve cover, and everything else in between these items. 

                                                        SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS:

    Need something that's not listed in this catalog? Give us a call --- we may be able to get it for you on a "Special-Order" basis. These types of items usually require a little more time for delivery so please call and ask well in advance of when you will need them.          

                                            WHEN ORDERING NON-STOCKED ITEMS:

    Any item that is not normally stocked is considered a non-stock item Many items that are listed in the catalog are made up only on order, and so are considered non-stock items. Thus includes anything that has to be made or ordered for you. Orders for non-stocked items must be paid for in advance. These orders may not be cancelled, once work has begun on them, and the items may not be returned, once shipped.  

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