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                            HOW TO ORDER A PAECO ENGINE


                                    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL (205) 823-7278 OR EMAIL

    You can order by either telephone, fax, or mail. Regardless, it's a good idea to follow the procedure below to make sure that you have given all of the information that is needed. If you will fill in the Engine Order Blank this should take care of it.

1. Fill out the special engine order blank at the end of the engine section.

 2. Be sure to specify the stage of engine and whether it is to be a kit or assembled.

 3. List any extra parts and accessories that you want shipped with the engine. (you can save on the Shipping & Handling charges by ordering them this way).

 4. Be sure to specify outright purchase or exchange or to be built on your core.

 5. For racing engines, please let us know what type racing you will be doing.

 6. Add the $250.00 crating charge if you want the engine shipped to you.

 7. Include a minimum 1/3 deposit with the order. If you are ordering an engine outright, then all of the core charge must be included in the deposit plus 1/3 the cost of the engine and accessories.

 8. If you pay for the complete engine order at the time the order is placed, you may deduct 5% from the whole order.

 9. Mail, fax, or phone the order and deposit (a bank card is necessary for phone or fax orders) to PAECO. If you are sending in an exchange engine, send it separately by truck.

10. Before ordering an engine, please read our warranty on them.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you send in an engine NOT DRAINED of oil, we will charge you a $50.00 clean-up fee. An engine full of spilled oil spoils our whole day!

ENGINE DELIVERY TIME: This type of engine construction is both tedious and time consuming, so please don't ask us to rush. Normal delivery time is 3 to 5 months. However this can be increased by seasonal demand or other factors, such as parts shortages. We will not give an estimated delivery date until the final assembly has begun. There are just too many variables for us to do otherwise.

CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG FOR DELIVERY? Many people can't, especially if their car is being used daily for basic transportation. If this is your problem, then we can build an engine for you on one of our engine cores while you continue to drive your car. When the new PAECO engine is finished, we will notify you and you can send your old engine in. We will then ship the new engine to you, keeping your car's "down time" to a minimum. There is no extra charge for this.

QUOTATIONS: For engines that are not listed, please don't give up! In general, we can modify and/or build any piston engine that we can obtain parts for. If you want a quotation, just write or call. We normally must have the engine here for a teardown and inspection before we can give you a final firm quotation.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: There are three ways to pay for your PAECO engine:

    1. Full payment when you place the order (you may deduct 5% from the price if this payment method is used).

    2. 1/2 payment with your order and the remaining 1/2 when the engine is half completed.

    3. 1/3 payment with your order, 1/3 when the parts are all on hand, and 1/3 before the final assembly and blueprinting. (we must wait until the final check has cleared before we can ship).

SHIPPING YOUR ENGINE: We ship our PAECO engines in enclosed crates, but this isn't necessary when shipping your old engine to us. Simply fasten the engine to a wooden pallet with bolts, wire, or straps. We use "Engines Direct", a freight company that specializes in shipping engines. They will ship most engines between any two points just about anywhere in the 48 states for $200-$350. This includes pickup and delivery but does not include insurance. Their phone number is (800) 998-2100.

    Engines are too heavy for bus, UPS, or parcel post, although some engines can be shipped by UPS in pieces if they are disassembled (UPS will accept boxes up to 150 pounds). Engines should be shipped to us with freight prepaid, and the new engine will be sent to you freight collect. Unless you plan to pick the new engine up at PAECO, add $250.00 for crating.