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                        PAECO ENGINE STAGES

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All PAECO Engines:    All of our engines are balanced, blueprinted, and assembled with utmost attention to detail, using premium parts. The finished engines are wrapped in plastic and shipped to you in enclosed crates.

Stage One: These are strictly street engines, but with more power and reliability than the stock engines. This is primarily achieved with a slightly higher compression ratio, better camshaft and valve train, cylinder head work, and engine balancing and blueprinting.

Stage Two: These are combination engines that can be used on the street as well as for slaloms and driver's schools and at drag races. They make excellent rally car engines. The stage two engines produce higher top speeds plus gobs of torque which translates into fierce acceleration. Compression is normally 11:1 and we make use of our second stage cam grinds and modified cylinder head. Extra reliability is achieved by using higher strength components and performing extra machine work.

SRE (Super Reliability Engines): This is essentially a stage two engine that has been detuned to stage one compression ratio and camshaft grind. The stage two head mods are retained and several reliability modifications from the stage 3 and 4 engines are also included. For people who plan to keep their cars for a long time, this one lasts and lasts. This has been a favorite of owners of classic cars.

Stage Three: These are racing engines for contests in which reliability is considered as important as power. They are good for enduros, vintage car races, drivers schools, drag races, and SCCA regional races, but are not suitable for city street use. The stage three engines have approx. 12:1 compression, our stage 3 cams, extensively modified heads, and Paecolloy crankshafts.

Stage Four: These are high rpm engines designed for SCCA or drag racing where maximum power is paramount. They use 13 or 14:1 pistons, all-out racing cams, fully modified heads, Paecolloy knife-edged cranks, chrome-moly rods with titanium wristpins and valve spring retainers, oversized valves, copper head gaskets, and a number of other trick items. The power output is tremendous.

Classic Car: Rebuilds for these engines are quoted on request. We will normally undertake to build any piston engine that we can obtain or fabricate parts for. We have rebuilt old versions of Porsche, Sunbeam Alpine, Maserati, Ferrari, Daimler, MG, Jaguar, and numerous others. Please write or call about an engine for your classic.

ENGINE KITS: For those with mechanical skill and the desire to save some money, we also offer our engines in kit form. The kits consist of all of the parts, machine work, balancing, and blueprinting that go into our assembled engines, but you bolt them together yourself. The dollar savings can be considerable, because in addition to saving the cost of assembly, you also save the approximate 15% discount on the total of parts and machine work that is built into the prices of all of our engines.

    The assembly of an engine kit is the total responsibility of the customer. We normally ship kits with the crankshaft and a few other parts installed in the block for safety during shipping, but this is for shipping purposes only. The parts should be removed and inspected before the purchaser makes the final assembly. Our full warranty does not apply to kit engines. If you do the assembly work, then you assume the responsibility for making sure that the engine is built properly. Engine kits purchased on an outright basis (no exchange) do not include nuts, bolts, valve covers, oil pans, and similar hardware.

Short Blocks: We can also furnish short blocks in the various PAECO engine stages. The short block information and prices are listed in the short block section on this website.

Stroker Kits: Stroker kits can be used by themselves or combined with any stage of engine. Check these on the Stroker Kits webpage of this site for additional info and pricing.

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