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Remember: Any options ordered with an engine or kit are not charged Shipping & Handling

                                   Any questions? Call (205) 823-7278 or email for answers.

                                                All of the options listed below are intended to provide maximum reliability and power output from your engine. Recommended Engine Options, although not an absolute necessity, should be considered very strongly. Nice-To-Have Options are extras that will add even more to your engine's performance and reliability. Any extra items that are ordered along with engines and shipped with the engine do not incur any Shipping and Handling charges. Clutches and aluminum flywheels that are ordered with engines also receive a free balance job along with rest of the engine balancing. If you are using the Off-season or Prepayment Discounts when ordering your engine, these discounts apply to any extra parts ordered at the same time that the engine order is placed.

RECOMMENDED ENGINE OPTIONS                          NICE TO HAVE ENGINE OPTIONS =========================================================================================                                                             ------------------------------------------------------------STAGE ONE----------------------------------------------------------------------

Heavy Duty Clutch Weber Carb (s) and Copper Head Gasket
Colder Spark Plugs Exhaust Header & Prima-Power Exhaust
Luminition Ignition Aluminum Pulley & Aluminum Flex Fan
Oil Cooler Kit Heavy duty Rod Bolts & Oil Pump

------------------------------------------------------------------------STAGE 2 & SRE-------------------------------------------------------------------

Heavy Duty Clutch Weber Carb (s) and Oversized Valves
Colder Or Racing Plugs Heavy Duty Rod Bolts & Hi-Volume oil pump
Luminition Ignition System Aluminum Flex Fan & Aluminum pulley
Exhaust Header Aluminum Flywheel & Prima-Power Exhaust
Oil Cooler Kit Chrome-Moly Connecting Rods
  Copper Head Gasket

----------------------------------------------------------------------STAGES 3 AND 4------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Heavy Duty Clutch & Aluminum Flywheel Chrome-Moly Connecting Rods (Included in stage 4)
Aluminum pulley Titanium Connecting Rods
HD Rod Bolts & High Volume Oil Pump (Included in stage 4) Weber Carb(s) or Racing Fuel Injection
Luminition Ignition System & Cold Plugs Oversized valves (Included in stage 4
Exhaust Header & Large Oil Cooler Kit Titanium wrist pins (Included in stage 4)
Copper Head Gasket (Included  in stage 4) Knife-edged crank (Included in stage 4)


                                         What to Send:

    We are frequently asked what engine parts should be sent in to PAECO as a core exchange when ordering an engine. For an Assembled engine exchange, we must have the complete engine except for:

        Manifolds, Carbs, Starter, Alternator, Distributor, Water & Fuel Pumps

    For a Kit engine exchange, there is no need to send the complete engine. In addition to leaving out all of the above items, you can also leave out the valve cover, oil pan, oil pump, rocker arm assembly, misc. hardware, and nuts and bolts. We must have the following for kits:

    Head(s) w/ studs Crankshaft, Block w/.Main Caps & Bolts, Clutch, Con Rods w/ Caps and Bolts, Flywheel

    Valve Springs, Valve Keepers, Front Pulley & nut, Camshaft(s) Valve Spring Retainers (Stage 1 only)

                    IF IN DOUBT ABOUT WHAT TO SEND PLEASE CALL US AT (205) 823-7278.

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