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Deves Piston Rings

                                         TO ORDER OR FOR MORE INFO CALL (205) 823-7278 or EMAIL

    For all high performance pistons, we strongly recommend the Deves Swedish steel piston rings, which combine the long life of chrome rings with the sealing power of cast iron rings. These provide maximum sealing for high performance engines, with high compression and high revs, yet are also ideally suited to street engines for quick sealing, long life and reduction of oil consumption. We can usually pick up several HP just by switching to the Deves rings!

NOTE: Deves rings can be furnished for almost any make of car and any type piston. We stock sets for many sizes and engines but special ring orders normally take 5-10 days to fill.  Unusual makes and sizes may take three to six weeks, as they may have to be made.

ORDERING INFO: Specify make model, year, engine displacement, piston brand, number of rings per piston, and bore size. Ex: 1975 MGB, Venolia 3-ring pistons, +0.040".


    4-CYLINDER ENGINES ------- $124.00            6-CYLINDER ENGINES -------- $162.00

    8-CYLINDER ENGINES ------- $258.00           12-CYLINDER ENGINES ------- $325.00

RINGS FOR 1 PISTON ONLY ----- $48.00 (Provided we have them in stock - we cannot special-order rings for just one piston from Deves, but we will break up a set from our own stock of rings if we have them).


SHIPPING & HANDLING FOR ALL DEVES RINGS (No S & H charge if shipped with pistons):

    Surface $12.00            2nd Day Air 24.00                Next Day Air 48.00