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DATSUN 4-CYLINDER SOHC 1600/ 1800/ 2000/ L20B/ 200SX/ NAPS Z/ 240SX/ KA-24E

DSO-4-6800: This street cam gives a lot of torque and strong acceleration. A slight compression boost will add even more power, but is not mandatory. The best power range is 2000-6800, with a max of 7400 rpm.                                                                                                                     INTAKE: 27/63     EXHAUST: 67/23     DURATION: 270     LIFT: .435"

    NECESSARY MODIFICATIONS: PAECO springs and retainers -- new or very good rocker arms. (An exhaust header, racing ignition and modified head will add additional power but are optional).

DSO-4-7200: This cam gives tremendous mid-range acceleration and a very nice boost in top end. 'Good for slaloms or hard street use and can be used for solo events. Best power range is 2600-7200 with a peak of 7800 rpm.                                                                                                     INTAKE: 32/68     EXHAUST: 72/28     DURATION: 280     LIFT: .492"

    NECESSARY MODIFICATIONS: 11:1 compression, exhaust header, full PAECO valve train, and racing ignition (a modified cyl head will add a lot in the midrange and top end).

DSO-4-7600: for racing only, this cam provides terrific acceleration coming out of the corners - very good on tight courses. Best power range is 3000-7600 rpm with a peak of 8000. INTAKE: 36/72     EXHAUST: 76/32     DURATION: 288     LIFT: .540"

    NECESSARY MODIFICATIONS: 12:1 compression, full PAECO valve train, exhaust header, racing ignition, modified cylinder head. A high ratio rear axle is optional.

DSO-4-8000: This cam is for all-out racing engines only. It provides tremendous acceleration and gobs of top end power. The best power range is 4000-8000, and will rev to 8600 rpm. INTAKE: 47/75     EXHAUST: 77/45     DURATION: 302     LIFT: .555"

    MANDATORY MODIFICATIONS: 13:1 compression or more, exhaust header, full PAECO valve train, racing ignition, fully prepared cylinder head, high ratio rear axle.

All Datsun 4-cylinder OHC grinds: $260.00, exchange-----(add $120.00 if no exchange)

Inner valve springs: $4.00ea     Aluminum retainers: $12.00ea     Titanium retainers: $35.00 ea

Outer valve springs: $8.00ea     Rocker arms: $38.00 ea               Thick lash pads: $12.00 ea


                2.THICKER LASH PADS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL RACING GRINDS. (Available in .160", .180", .200", .220")