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*** Cylinder Head Modifications ***

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    A correctly modified cylinder head will make as much, or more difference in the power output of an engine than anything else that can be done to it. Conversely, a head that has been modified incorrectly can give less power than a stock one. We have been modifying cylinder heads since 1964 and have power-proven designs that can be incorporated into your cylinder head for maximum efficiency. For street and slalom engines, the Basic Head Modifications are usually all that is needed. For all-out racing engines, you will also want the optional operations that apply to your cylinder head.

                                                Basic Head Modifications consist of the following:

1. Intake and exhaust ports enlarged and shaped for max gas flow (Most commonly called "porting") 
 2. Combustion chambers contoured and smoothed for most efficient combustion (Gives a few extra HP)
3. Valve pockets relieved for max gas flow (Very important - unshrouds the intake valve  near the chamber wall)
4. Valve seats ground to a precise 3-angle racing seat (Some people call it a 5-angle if you count the chamber and port surfaces)
5. Entire head glasspeened to clean and stress-relieve it (a minor operation that will sometimes uncover metal flaws)
6. Valve springs shimmed to the correct installed height (Very important - may not be same as stock spring installed hgt.)
7. Head-to-block surface milled true (Needs to be done every time the head is removed from the block)

                                                Prices for the above Basic Head Modifications:

8- CYLINDER ENGINES (Includes the work on both heads) $1,200.00
12- CYLINDER ENGINES (Includes the work on both heads) $1,800.00

-----------> NOTE #1: The above prices are for labor and machine work only. 

-----------> NOTE #2: Any needed parts (valves, guides, springs, retainers, seals, etc. are extra)

                                            Optional Head Modifications for Racing Engines:

1. Valve guides chamfered flush with port walls (Allows more fuel/air mixture to pass through) $15.00/guide
2. Chambers cc'd to equal volumes (keeps the cylinder comp. ratios the same) $50.00/cylinder
3. Chambers domed for piston clearance and polished (Normally for the British cars only) $90.00/cylinder
4. Oversized valves installed (Seats enlarged & valves lapped to them --- like putting a bigger cam in - works wonders!) $20.00/valve
5. Oversized valve seats installed (Includes both parts & labor --- necessary for installing very large oversize valves) $35.00/seat
6. Enlarge valve spring recesses to accept larger springs (Needed on MGA & MGB cylinder heads, among others) $15.00/recess
7. Shim valve springs to the correct installed height (Included in Basic Head Modifications) $10.00/valve
8. Head ports matched to manifold ports (Reduces the "step" between manifold & head ports $30.00/port

                                                  Cylinder Head Repairs & Estimates:

    For those who just want their cylinder heads repaired but not modified, we can do this also, including repairs on heads from rare and classic cars. If you would like to have an estimate on having your head repaired, send it to us for a free inspection. We will tell you what the head needs and how much it will cost. If you then decide not to have the repair done, then there is no charge to you except for the return Shipping & Handling.

                                                            Head Repair Charges:


1. Basic valve job (Disassemble the head, cut the valve seats, lap the valves, and reassemble) $16.00 per valve
--------- EXCEPTION: For BMW inline heads, add $80 to remove and $80 to install the camshaft -------
2. Glasspeen the head to clean & stress-relieve it $40.00
 3. Mill the head true (up to .020") $50.00
4. For each additional .020" milled off the head  (usually done on pushrod engines only) ------ add: $30.00
5. Reface used valves before lapping in (Done only if the used valves look good) $6.00 per valve
6. Set valve lash with shims on OHC heads (Does NOT include the cost of the shims) $15.00/valve
7. Install valve seat (Includes cost of the seat - done to replace damaged seats) $35.00/seat
8. Magnaflux head for cracks (the head must be must be glasspeened first) $40.00
 9. Cracks welded (done at your risk - no warranty on crack repairs) $80.00/crack
10. Camshaft saddles repaired (Done to repair badly scored saddles) $80.00/saddle 
11. Camshaft saddles line-bored (Per bank of saddles on DOHC engines - cures warping) $100.00
12. Install valve guides (Does NOT included the cost of the guide) $8.00



                    *** PARTS FOR CYLINDER HEADS ***  

1. High RPM outer valve springs --------  (These require inner springs for harmonic damping) $8.00 each
2. High RPM inner valve springs --------  (Provide the above mentioned damping for outer springs) $4.00 each
3. Valve spring retainers to fit PAECO springs (may not fit stock springs):  
                   A. Aluminum retainers (for street engines up to approx 6,000 RPM) $8.00 each
                   B. Titanium retainers (for racing engines at high RPM) $25.00 each
4. Valve spring shims (To set valve spring installed height) $1.00 each
5. Bronze valve guides (Much less wear on valve stems than stock steel guides)  $12.00 each
6. O-Ring type valve stem seals (This type must be used on some heads with small springs)  $3.00 each
7. Cup type valve stem seals (Used on most OHC cylinder heads as well as pushrod heads)  $4.00 each
8. Stainless steel valve seats (Requires machine shop work to install)  $22.00 each
9. Replacement grade, competition grade, or oversize stainless steel valves (Refer to valve pg. for pricing)  

                ADD $37.00 FOR RETURN S & H (SURFACE) FOR 4-CYLINDER HEADS

                ADD $60.00 FOR RETURN S & H (SURFACE) FOR 6-CYLINDER HEADS

                ADD $80.00 FOR RETURN S & H (SURFACE) FOR 8 OR 12-CYLINDER HEADS.

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