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                            CRANKSHAFTS KNIFE-EDGED

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     This is a new service that we are offering due to repeated requests. In any engine, oil is constantly draining down into the pan from the top and being sloshed up from the bottom. When the counterweights of the crank strike this oil. there is a resulting power loss. In addition, there is a lot of power lost just from spinning the heavy crankshaft around. Knife-edging reduces power lost from hitting the oil and also removes several pounds of weight from the crank, allowing higher RPM with reliability. The results in the higher RPM ranges are startling. Knife-edging is one of those few things which you can do to an engine that provides both greater reliability and more power.

                                                          PRICE FOR KNIFE-EDGING:

Initial set-up charge --------------------------$200.00     For each counterweight knife-edged ---- add $50.00   

Example: If your crank has four counterweights the charge would be $200 plus (4 x $50) = $400

     (TIP: If you have two or more identical crankshafts to be Knife-edged, there is only one set-up charge - you can save yourself $200 on the second and third cranks.)

                    SHIPPING & HANDLING FOR CRANKSHAFTS (Surface):

     $35.00 if under 50 pounds         $55.00 if over 50 pounds (Double these rates for air shipment)



    There is no substitute for engine displacement and it can only be achieved in two ways --- by stroking the crankshaft or installing larger oversized pistons. The two methods can be combined to achieve an extremely large displacement increase. In order to install supersized pistons, the old cylinders must be bored out and large thick-wall sleeves installed. They are both heat-shrunk and machined to an interference fit to insure that they are rigid. The new sleeves are then bored out to accept the new supersized pistons and honed to the proper clearance. This procedure can be carried out on both cast iron and aluminum blocks and the block must be milled after sleeving is completed. We must have the pistons that are to be used so that we can bore the sleeves to fit. If you don't have supersized pistons we can furnish them in any bore size and compression ratio. Please refer to the piston section of this catalog.

     Cylinders sleeved --------- $220.00 per cylinder (includes the cost of the sleeve but not milling & boring)

    Shipping Blocks:  Small blocks (less than 150 pounds) can be shipped very economically by UPS. Heavier blocks can be shipped by Motor Freight. They will be returned to you by the same method.