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                                                                            Cams for Imports only:

    For years, most American camshaft grinders have taken the attitude that "what's good for a big V-8 is good for a small engine, too!". Consequently, camshaft profile design for imported car engines has followed V-8 design. This is unfortunate, because they really are different. The smaller engine is invariably tuned to peak at higher revs, has less torque because of its smaller displacement, and uses different carburetor and head designs with different induction needs. Because of these differences, we felt that the cams for our racing and high performance street engines needed a new approach, and we set out to develop them. The result is our line of PAECO Superlift camshafts.

Reliability - These cams are precision ground to our own specs for maximum performance, and then are hard-surfaced by parkerizing or nickel-welding for maximum long life. These are truly the Super Cams of the import car world, and have been successfully proven in drag racing, SCCA racing, vintage racing, and solo events from coast to coast. We invite you to compare their performance with that of any other cams, anywhere!


                            PAECO CAMSHAFT WARRANTY:

    PAECO camshafts are guaranteed against undue wear for one year from the date of purchase, PROVIDED that PAECO valve springs, retainers and, for pushrod engines, lifters/rockers/tappets are purchased and installed along with the camshaft. Any camshaft purchased without these items is not guaranteed. Camshafts are used with other brands of valve train components at the purchaser's risk. Please keep the invoice on your camshaft purchase. We must have it to honor a camshaft warranty. Valve trains are listed with each make of car in it's camshaft section.


Grind selection - For each of the engines that we grind cams for, we have developed an assortment of grinds for different degrees of modification. Usually the grinds listed for a particular make will correspond to the grinds used in successive stages of our PAECO 120-point engines (see engine section). RPM ranges given for the various grinds are approximations of the best areas under the power curves, although this will vary somewhat with tuning. Engines can be expected to peak out at 300-1000 rpm above the highest rpm figure given for each camshaft. It is important to select a grind that will be compatible with your other engine components and is also suitable for the use you will make of the car. If you are in doubt about which grind you need, please give us a call.

Order information - Cams for most cars can be furnished on either an outright basis (no exchange), or on an exchange basis. If you do not send in an exchange cam core, then you must pay a core charge in addition to the grind charge. If you are in a hurry for a cam and don't have time to send a core, then you can call an order in and we will ship one out to you immediately from our stock. If the order is on a bankcard, then we will not charge you a core charge provided you get your cam core in to us within two weeks. After two weeks we will charge your card for the core. If you order outright COD, the COD amount will include the core charge. If you send a core in later, you will be issued a store credit (not cash) for the amount of the core after it arrives here.

Cam core condition - Cam cores sent in to us must not have chipped gears, enlarged keyways, or excessive misalignment. Pitted or worn lobes are acceptable, but you will be docked $50.00 per bad lobe for the cost of welding them up. A bad lobe is one that is worn or pitted more than .020".

Nickel Alloy Lobes - When we weld up cam lobes, we do it with a special nickel alloy welding rod that results in a tremendously hard surface. Lobes welded this way last virtually forever. For serious racing we can weld all of the lobes on your racing cams with nickel. This is done at the rate of $50.00 per lobe, plus the basic cost of the grind. Specify nickel lobes when you place your order. Parkerized lobes (our normal hardening treatment) have a black finish over the whole lobe. Nickel-welded lobes have a shiny metallic appearance on the tip portion of the lobe that merges with the black parkerized base portion.

==========================================================================================================   SHIPPING & HANDLING ON CAMSHAFTS:

BY SURFACE ------------ $28.00        BY AIR ------------- $48.00                BY NEXT DAY AIR ------------- $68.00