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        Aluminum Cylinder Heads


                           (for British cars only)      

                                                                              The Huge Advantages:

Light weight---Faster heat transfer---Resists cracking---Stainless steel valve seats---More power---Bronze valve guides---Larger ports

    Aluminum cylinder heads are so superior to cast iron heads that very few manufacturers still make them from cast iron. However, owners of older cars have been stuck with their original cast iron heads until recently. Now we can furnish aluminum heads for the British cars listed below.  The heads come with stainless steel valve seats and bronze valve guides, but the price does not include valves, valve springs, retainers, valve stem seals, and keepers. We can furnish these items for you if you wish and install them on the head so that it is ready to "drop on" to the block. The installation charge for this is $12.00 per valve plus the cost of the parts. For performance applications you may want to consider competition valves, Hi-RPM springs, and either aluminum or titanium retainers. These heads do NOT come with smog ports unless you order them that way. If smog ports are desired to meet local smog laws, then add $25 per port and these will be machined into the head. Delivery time on heads is approx 14 to 21 days.

    We can also furnish Weber intake manifolds and carburetors for your aluminum head. Please note that the MGB crossflow head requires a dual DCOE Weber sidedraft conversion. This is because the crossflow head has four intake ports and the stock head only has two.

                                Heads are available for the following makes:

AH Sprite, MG Midget 1275 $975
English Ford Crossflow $1,100
MGB Non-crossflow (same configuration as stock) $975
MGB Crossflow head (Requires a dual Weber 40DCOE intake manifold and two DCOE carbs) $1,100


The Performance Difference

    Dyno data demonstrates the great advantage of these aluminum heads. The stock head simply runs out of fuel/air input around 5000 RPM, and power starts to drop off drastically after that. The aluminum crossflow head continues to breathe up to 6000 RPM, where the engine's stock components begin to limit the power output. When a modified engine with high compression is combined with the aluminum head, power output continues to increase well up into the high RPM band. Whether you drive your car on the street or on the track or both, there will be a tremendous difference with aluminum heads.

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