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AR-7200: This grind is for street use when few or no other modifications are made to the engine. The most effective power range is 3200-7200, with a tremendous improvement in acceleration over the stock cams. It will rev to over 7600.

INTAKE: 38/70     EXHAUST: 74/34     DURATION: 288     LIFT: .350"

        Necessary mods: PAECO valve springs (a one point compression boost, free-flow exhaust system, or racing ignition will all add even more power but are not mandatory).

AR-8000: This grind has an unusually broad torque curve and can be used as a wild street grind in addition to slaloms and solo events, or regional racing. The best power range is 3500-8000. INTAKE: 44/76     EXHAUST: 80/40     DURATION: 300     LIFT. 380"

        Necessary mods: PAECO valve springs and retainers, 10-11:1 compression, and racing ignition. (A modified cylinder head and a free-flow exhaust system will allow more power, but are not mandatory.)

AR-8600: This grind is a screamer and delivers tremendous power, but is for racing only. The best power band is 4400-8600 rpm, and it will rev to well over 9500 in a properly prepared engine. INTAKE: 52/85     EXHAUST: 88/48     DURATION: 316     LIFT: .415"

        Necessary mods: Full PAECO valve train, 11.5-13:1 compression, racing ignition, modified cylinder head, richer carbs, racing exhaust system, high ratio rear axle.

                                ALFA ROMEO CAMSHAFT AND VALVE TRAIN PRICES:

        All 4-cyl Alfa cam grinds: $210.00/cam exchange ---- (Add $120/cam if no exchange)

        All 6-cyl Alfa cam grinds: $230.00/cam exchange ---- ('Sorry, no exchange)

Inner valve springs: $4.00 ea.         Aluminum retainers: $12.00 ea.         Titanium retainers: $35 ea.

Outer valve springs: $8.00 ea.         Valve tappet cups: $72.00 ea.         Valve adjusting shims: $8.00 each

(Note: Shims are necessary to achieve the proper valve lash. You can determine the shims needed after installing the cams and we can then furnish them for you.)