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                        Austin-Healey Sprite & MG Midget  (948, 1100, 1275cc)

                                                                                   (for 1500cc engines see Triumph Spitfire)

SP-6000: Designed for a stock or only slightly modified engine, this cam gives a very healthy acceleration boost. Idle is fast but smooth. A one point increase in compression is effective, but not required. The best power range is 2200-6000 rpm, and it tops out at 7000.                     INTAKE: 27/59     EXHAUST: 63/23     DURATION: 266    LIFT: .379"

        Necessary mods: PAECO Hi-rpm springs, retainers, and lifters (an exhaust header, Prima-Power free-flow muffler system, racing ignition, and Weber carbs will add even more power, but are not mandatory).

SP-6600: This is a wild street grind, also good for slaloms and solo events. It gives tremendous acceleration and a nice boost in top speed. The idle is lopey. Best power is 3000-6600 rpm with a max of 7500. INTAKE: 29/61     EXHAUST: 65/25     DURATION: 270    LIFT: .412

        Necessary mods: Full PAECO valve train, 10-11:1 compression, exhaust header, Lumenition ignition (A modified cylinder head, Prima-Power system, and a Weber carburetor will provide even more power, but are not required)

SP-7200: This is a racing camshaft, not for street use. The best power range is 3800-7200 rpm, and it will rev to 8000, giving extremely strong acceleration plus a big boost in top speed. This one is great for SCCA events and also for Vintage racing.   INTAKE: 42/73     EXHAUST: 77/38 DURATION: 295    LIFT:.460"

        Necessary mods: Full PAECO valve train, 11-12:1 compression, exhaust header, racing ignition, modified cylinder head (A high ratio rear axle is optional).

SP-8000: This grind is for all-out racing at the National level. It gives extremely high revs, and when coupled with a high ratio rear axle, provides unbelievable acceleration. The best power range is 4200-8000 RPM, and it will rev to 8600.   INTAKE: 45/77     EXHAUST: 81/41 DURATION: 302     LIFT: .480:

        Necessary mods: Full PAECO valve train, 12-14:1 compression, full modified cylinder head, racing exhaust header, racing ignition, improved carburetion, high ratio rear axle.

                                SPRITE & MG MIDGET CAMSHAFT AND VALVE TRAIN PRICES:

All Sprite/Midget/Mini cam grinds: $260/cam, exchange -------- (add $90 if no exchange)

Inner valve springs: $4.00 ea         Aluminum retainers: $8.00 ea           Titanium retainers: $25.00 ea

Outer valve springs: $8.00 ea         Aluminum pushrods: $18.00 ea       Titanium pushrods: $35.00 ea

                                                        Hardened, grooved valve lifters: $24.00 ea  

                                TO ORDER OR FOR MORE INFO CALL (205) 823-7278 OR EMAIL

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